At AMH, we supply supplementary healthcare services to all our patients in order to help support the diagnosis and treatment of their conditions. Our diagnostic services include laboratory tests, radiology, genetic testing and diagnostic imaging. Our patients can also benefit from the hospital’s gastro-endoscopic services such as colonoscopies and endoscopic investigations of all parts of the digestive system.

We also supply therapeutic services such as rehabilitation therapy, physical and speech therapies as well as nutrition and weight management guidance. We have a team of highly trained medical staff who will work closely with you in support of your treatment plan.

We are committed to understanding and tackling the growing problem of brain disease such as multiple sclerosis, stroke and Alzheimer’s disease. Our Neurosciences department can provide tests and effective treatments for a wide range of neurological conditions.

You can rest assured that we always maintain the highest international standards for all our medical services and, above all, we care for your all round well-being and long-term health.

We hope and pray that you and your family enjoy the best of health throughout your life.

Should you wish to make an appointment for any of our Ancillary Services please contact our Out-Patients Department or, in an emergency, our ER Department. If you are already an in-patient you will also be able to benefit from our Ancillary Services.