At AMH, we provide a comprehensive in-patient and out-patient service for both adults and children suffering from gastro-intestinal conditions, including those of the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon, rectum, gall bladder, pancreas and biliary tract. We also offer a full range of diagnostic and endoscopic procedures including colonoscopy, bronchoscopy and ERCP.

Our Endoscopy Unit is equipped with the latest video scope technology and high definition image capture facilities.

Our dedicated team of highly skilled doctors and nurses are committed to looking after you and to providing you with the best possible treatment. We also ensure that all our endoscopic procedures and therapeutic treatments are carried out with the highest standards of care and safety. We always put you – our patient – first.

We hope and pray that you and your family enjoy the best of health throughout your life.

If you are wish to contact our gastro-endoscopic department please get in touch with one of our OPD staff or, in an emergency, please call our emergency services department.