Out Patient Services

At AMH, we offer a wide range of out-patient, hospital-based medical and surgical services. Our Out Patient Services Department consists of 16 specialized clinics, each of which operates within established international guidelines so that all our patients receive excellent care and support.

We provide the highest level of care to those patients requiring out-patient consultation, surgical or diagnostic procedures, or other diagnostic tests. At AMH, all our clinics are equipped with a team of highly trained consultants and the most advanced medical equipment to investigate and advise the best course of treatment for your condition.

At AMH, we maintain the highest international standards for all our medical services and, above all, we care for your all round well-being and long-term health.

We hope and pray that you and your family enjoy the best of health throughout your life.

 Should you wish to make an appointment with us please do so through the Call Center or, if you prefer, contact us via the website or simply visit the hospital where one of our staff will be delighted to accompany you to our clinic.