Sports Program After Obesity Operations

First Month

Walking half an hour to an hour a day, and you can divide the hour of walking throughout the day, and the number of steps can be calculated by means of sports watches

The importance of walking:

  • Avoid leg clots
  • Stimulate the metabolism processes to burn calories
  • Improving the psychological state after the operation
Second Month
  • Aerobic sports are started for an hour 6 days a week, during which the heart rate accelerates and the body sweats. Like:
  • Running on an electric walk. Using a bicycle. Swimming. The oval optic bike.
  • An initial 250 calories are burned per hour and increased according to capacity to 500 calories per hour.
Third Month
  • In addition to the second month program, resistance sports are added two days a week and include weightlifting to the appropriate extent, and the goal is to maintain the body’s muscle mass.
Daily Movement and Business: