Virtual Clinic

Now the medical consultation with your treating doctor is available via video in easy and simple steps

Tele-care and telemedicine services: The use of modern electronic technologies for safe and direct communication between the patient and the health practitioner for the purpose of assessing the health condition and treating the patient. Telehealth services and telemedicine include:

1- Remote Consultation

2. Follow up patients remotely

3- Clinical evaluation of remote patients: Assessment of the patient’s condition and disease progression potential, Assessment of the disease history, Patient medical diagnosis, Remote examination and inspection. The tele-care and telemedicine center provides services for stable cases that do not require urgent hospitalization It does not serve emergency and critical patients that need urgent transfer to the hospital. In cases that cannot be treated, the doctor will direct the patient to the appropriate destination to deal with his condition that cannot be treated through telemedicine or calling 997.

Payment mechanism

The time it takes to respond to the patient The time it takes to respond to the call directly and to the doctor at the same time of the appointment in light of these difficult circumstances of the Corona pandemic. You can now get medical advice through the unified number, WhatsApp Business service, or from the appointment booking form on our website.

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