About Us


Treating each client as if he were a member of our family and thus providing the highest levels of health care and safety in line with the health requirements of the patients we serve and providing them with advanced and compassionate care.


To be a distinguished and selected regional center at the level of the private health sector with the highest levels of quality and advanced care in the field of health and care of women, childbirth and children.


Patient first

We always give the patient priority in everything we do. And that is through our endeavor to provide the best methods of care for every patient every day.

Team Work

We accept change and we build on the strength of the group and the cultural diversity of our employees in order to fulfill our vision and mission. L constantly developing everything we do.

The Society

We link our services with other community organizations and institutions for the benefit of our clients and our community.


We treat everyone with respect and value those we serve and those we work with.


We deal with transparency, integrity and honesty and act in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

The Environment

We strive to protect the environment and we are working to improve it seriously and continuously.

Creativity & Innovation

We embrace change and constantly improve everything we do.

Patients Rights
A list of the rights and responsibilities of patients and their families:

Welcome to our hospital. We are all happy that you have chosen us as the place of health care when you need treatment.

All employees of Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Mashary Hospital are obligated to provide you with the best possible medical and nursing care. Our principles: Preserving the dignity of the human being is an element of the utmost importance to preserve his health.

Responsibilities of patients and their families
Rights of patients and their families
Follow regulations and guidelines
They include: